Facilities and Equipment at Solutions Labs

Solutions Labs has access to the facilities of Delta Search Labs Inc., located in Cambridge, MA, in the MIT Technology Square area. Our facilities include 12,000 sq. ft. of office space, a supercomputing lab, a CAVE immersive virtual reality environment, an electronics lab, and a photonics lab. We have access to additional resources through University relations and partnerships. Our main forte is in the integration of excellent academic talent with industry experience and business expertise. The collaboration of leading academics and industry experts, combined with access to cutting-edge supercomputing and visualization capabilities, gives Solutions Labs a unique ability to add value to private enterprise.

Our equipment includes a supercomputer cluster of HP and SGI systems for real-time processing and visualization SGI Origin

Both systems are well suited for running large, floating point intensive simulations. Other systems available are:

We will be adding a Linux cluster to our computer lab in the near future.


Bio-Molecular Modeling in the CAVE. Our CAVE® is a fully immersive virtual-reality cube for visualization of computational data, interactive, full-scale scene viewing and simulation of real-world phenomena in startling visual stereo clarity. It allows one to create and test prototypes of products virtually. This maximizes the accuracy and performance of the product, eliminating cost to build physical prototypes. Driven by our SGI supercomputer, the CAVE® provides four display surfaces of bright, digital images, full digital stereo audio, and complete 3-dimensional operator tracking and image adaptation for unprecedented insight of complex data sets unattainable with single-screen displays. It allows teams of several people to comfortably immerse themselves in the same virtual environment at the same time. While performing complex simulations, the user can see changes in seconds.

Our computing and visualization infrastructure provides a unique environment for solving and visualizing some of the most complex problems facing science and business today.

Solutions Labs is an ISO 9001:2000 certified lab.

"In the roughly two hours that we had spent in the CAVE, we gathered information that would have taken us three to five months to compile using other methods."

— A satisfied customer